About Us

Our Story

 Premier Floor Company Inc was founded in 2004, by Ray and Elisha Fullerton. After experiencing the installing business for over 20  years they decided it was time to branch out and start a company for themselves. Since then our operations have grown and we have multiple crews that work for us on various jobs. It's quite a family affair with five family members on the current payroll and a few others that help when they can. Let our family treat you like family!  

Our Staff



Our head of commerical estimating, Elisha, has been married to Ray for 28 years. She also runs the office side of all of our professional dealings. She has been bidding for the last 18 years, a good part of it while she was finishing raising their three sons. Her and Ray now have four grandchildren (3 girls and 1 boy).


Stephanie does our residential bidding and oversees  all of those projects. She has been selling floor coverings for the last 4 years. 


Married to Ray and Elisha’s second son, Julie, is one of our Administrative Assistants. Being locally based she is free to run errands and handle whatever is needed in the office. 


Our second Administrative Assistant is Amber. She’s married to Ray and Elisha’s oldest son, Terry, who is currently enlisted in the Navy and stationed outside of Utah. The distance being so much makes it easy for Amber to manage our internet presence.  

On Site:


Ray is our Projects Manager. A flooring installer and foreman for 22 years, he now oversees all of our contractors and jobs assuring they are meeting timelines and putting out quality work.


Bryon is one of our General Contractors. As Ray and Elisha’s youngest son he has been on work sites most of his adult life and in the last two years has started to run his own projects. 

Our other contractors have over 50 years of combined experience.